Why People Come to The College for Behavioral Health Leadership

Leaders in health care are under siege with significant change. Regardless of sector, health care leaders are managing multiple change efforts simultaneously, each requiring strategic vision, operational capacity, and – most difficult – clarity about what changes are “right” for future sustainability. Confronted with an ever increasing pace of change, leaders are forced to rapidly select between numerous paths for development while making concepts as theoretical and vague as value based payment a reality. This is not your old leadership model, but one that requires leaders to be far more innovative, nimble, and experts in change leadership and effective implementation. The costs and consequences are no less daunting, with leaders who are slow to embrace the pace of change being left behind.

At The College for Behavioral Health Leadership (CBHL) we understand this climate and are committed to supporting leaders and their organizations in anticipating the future and empowering the present. The College has resources, information, and foresight to assist leaders and organizations to not only survive but thrive.

Since 1979, CBHL has been viewed as a leading voice in forecasting policy and programmatic changes in the behavioral health field. Our work has focused on enhancing leaders through incubation of innovation, convening of thought leaders, and collaboration in content development. As the field continues to evolve, leaders of the future need more tangible support with timely resources that meet the increased pace of change.

The College is building on its legacy and is focused on promoting change by mobilizing expertise, influencing the policy process, forecasting the future, spreading new ideas, stimulating public debate, and offering creative and practical solutions to tackle pressing problems. “We don’t make leaders, we make leaders better.”The College seeks to join with diverse leaders within public and population health, government, social services, social justice, hospital and health systems, payers, and service recipients to create collective action across sectors. Our goal is to realize a health system that is authentically holistic, innovative, and powerful enough to produce a healthy society.

Access:  Membership provides connections with behavioral health and behavioral change leaders that have sponsored and led innovations across the US.
The Summit: serves as the incubator of national change that addresses changing needs of leadership and the core issues challenging the health and wellbeing of communities.
Leadership: The College supports all leavels of leaders and offers a consultation & coaching service.
Networking:  Calls focused on policy and practice, two listservs, our website, white papers, and webinars presented by experts, members learn with and from the best thinkers in the field.
Connections:  Members tell us this is the one place where individuals from all sectors can work together to create change on substantive issues.

Additional Benefits: 

  • Participation on committees and task forces. 
  • Access to webinars and leadership resources.
  • Annual subscription to Behavioral Healthcare at no charge and the opportunity to purchase Mental Health Weekly and Alcohol & Drug Abuse Weekly at reduced rates.
  • Access to contact information through the member directory.
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