Mentorship Program

At this time the College is not currently accepting applications for our Mentorship program.


2015/16 Application Deadline: December 29, 2014

As we move toward integrated health, the behavioral health field faces new challenges – improving mental health and substance use service and contributing to overall health and wellbeing. The College for Behavioral Health Leadership recognizes that developing the next generation of informed innovation leaders is critical to meet the changing landscape.

To prepare new leaders, we must assure that the workforce reflects the growing diversity of our communities and have the skills and tools they need to be effective. The College is committed to principles of equity, cultural competence, inclusion, and opportunity. People desiring to become leaders in the healthcare field are encouraged to partner in a unique year-long mentoring experience through the Mentorship Program.

Why participate?

  • It is an invaluable opportunity to ask the questions you never knew to ask or never knew who to ask them of. – Learner
  • Mentor - learner dyads enable core competency development through shared information, experiences and modeling by industry stars to develop and shape your own best practices. – Learner
  • Because it rocks!! I am not the same person I was a year and two months ago, greatly because of the mentoring experience. – Learner
  • To build a next generation of leaders.  And it’s fun! – Mentor
  • It’s my desire to give back by helping emerging leaders develop their skills to improve behavioral healthcare. – Mentor

Our Mentoring Approach

An ongoing relationship with seasoned and innovative thought leaders in the field…
Mentors and co-facilitators are active members of the College who are exceptional leaders and seasoned professionals who bring an amazing breadth and depth of experience and expertise that they focus on helping learners tackle critical leadership challenges to navigate the future of health care.

Learners are selected from a field of applicants who show leadership promise in health settings and wish to grow their influence and enhance their leadership skills. Each Learner is paired with a Mentor based on the Learner’s goals and the Mentor’s expertise. The program begins at the annual spring Summit and lasts for one year, concluding at the following Summit. 

Program Support and Expectations

  • Co-facilitators support participants to ensure that the program runs smoothly.
  • Learners and Mentors complete a written contract guiding their work together. Topics are at the discretion of the dyad.
  • Mentors and Learners commit to an ongoing schedule for virtual interactions (2 – 4 hours per month). This includes routine phone/email conversations. Quarterly webinars and conversations on mentoring/coaching and leadership topics of interest hosted by the program co-facilitators. They are strongly encouraged to attend Summits.
  • Prior to the end of the program year, participants complete an electronic survey about his/her experience in the program. Responses are used to enhance, expand, and develop funding for the program.

For more information about the College or its mentorship program, contact:
Kris Ericson, Executive Director