Why Renew Your Membership With The College for Behavioral Health Leadership?

We don’t make leaders--we make leaders better.

CBHL is embarking on a journey of transformation to mobilize behavioral health leaders of the future, and we invite you to join us to be a part of the change!

CBHL is the place where behavioral health leaders collaborate to grow and transform communities across the nation.  We are an association committed to expanding the capacity of leaders, both individually and collectively, to drive transformational change in the healthcare ecosystem. For 40 years we have strived to offer leaders inspiration, tools and professional connections to collaboratively grow our knowledge and ability to improve health outcomes.

Through our convenings, member engagement, and multi-sector collaborations, we offer behavioral health leaders opportunities to:

  • Think and collaborate across sectors that touch behavioral health;
  • Learn innovative strategies and skills to partner with others to enhance the whole health of vulnerable populations;
  • Tackle complex systemic and community-wide goals; and
  • Be re-energized and excited to make a life-changing impact and reinvent the future!

Our Vision:  Inspired leaders are actively collaborating and using innovative strategies to work effectively with their communities to address behavioral and other complex health needs.

Our Mission: We provide leaders with the inspiration, tools, knowledge and professional connections to drive transformative change by:

  • Seeking out members who bring diversity of thought, leadership experience, training, expertise and multi-sector representation;
  • Providing an enriching space to facilitate direct connections, provocative conversations and ongoing collaboration between members;
  • Creating an environment that allows for sharing of best practices, resources, experience and lessons learned across all levels of leadership and sectors.


Leaders become stronger when they can test ideas, build relationships, and practice cutting-edge skills. CBHL brings leaders together across sectors to learn from and teach one another in settings where new partnerships, stimulating experiences, and innovative solutions emerge, and together we create transformative leadership tools of the future.

 CBHL’s approach to leadership development encompasses the following areas of innovation:

  • We work to inspire and educate leaders at all levels to be successful.
  • We involve leaders from all sectors – public and private, service delivery, managed care and system oversight organizations.
  • We support leaders in the broad development of population health strategies to provided integrated services in all settings and systems for people and communities with complex needs.
  • We help the new generation of leaders balance traditional hierarchical leadership with the capacity to build collaboration within communities across sectors.
  • We train and coach our leaders in innovative technologies to co-create the changes needed in their communities, using models like human-centered design, collaborative impact, and participatory planning.

Expanding Access and Enhancing Member Connections Members tell us one of the greatest benefits of CBHL membership is the connection to other leaders to share innovative new ideas, resources and solutions to particularly difficult problems.

  • NEW in 2020! To facilitate easier connections to other CBHL members with an interest or expertise of value to your work, a Member Directory and Member Asset Map will be available beginning in February 2020.
  • Members will have exclusive access to the CBHL Listserv, which allows for fast and easy outreach to share critical information and resources, or to ask a question of all CBHL members.
  • NEW in 2020! Virtual networking events will be scheduled throughout the year for leaders with shared interests to promote opportunities to collaborate and learn from one another.

Facilitating Partnerships at the CBHL Summit:  The CBHL annual summit serves as an incubator of national change, addresses evolving needs of leaders and tackles core issues challenging the health and wellbeing of our communities.  We were unable to offer a Summit in 2019 but are excited for our 40th Anniversary Summit to be held in the fall of 2020! CBHL members will be offered a $100 discount on registration to the summit.

Increasing Opportunities for Leader Development and Shared Learning: Our approach to leader development is to engage cross-sector leaders of all levels, support leaders in the development of population health strategies, balance traditional hierarchical leadership with the capacity to build collaboration within communities, and train leaders in innovative technologies to create change in their communities.

  • NEW in 2020! CBHL members will receive exclusive access to webinars and other shared learning opportunities with experts from the field on hot topics of interest, such as behavior change in population health management, diversity, equity and inclusion, and measurement-based care.  Specific topics will be determined throughout the year based on relevance and member interest.
  • Facilitated Peer-to-peer coaching is available to CBHL members every quarter to help leaders reveal patterns of behavior and discover everyday solutions to real leadership problems.
  • COMING SOON!!  We are actively seeking funding for the development of an e-library to address the gap in the aggregation of information related to population health, and to create an active forum for leaders across disciplines to spread innovation. Specifically, the e-library will curate and synthesize emerging science, lessons and evidence; allow leaders to develop a personalized library catalog, crowdsource ideas from the field, provide an active platform for communication and incubation, and facilitate online conversations on leadership, particularly on implementation of social innovation and lessons learned from across the country.

Engaging Frequently with Our Members: NEW in 2020!  We want to hear from you.  At CBHL, we want to understand how best to support your needs and will engage frequently for your input.  You are also always welcome to reach out directly with questions or suggestions at

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The 2020 annual membership rate will be $199 for all new and returning members.

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